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Hey! Glad You're Here.

We would never say that working with your spouse is easy, but we would always say that it is worth it. 

Hey, it's Cody and Lacey Lambeth, husband and wife owners and operators of Elite Stone Walls, what we believe to be Kansas City's best natural stone retaining wall company! 

Cody is the man behind the magic! Always searching and sourcing the best natural stone products in the country, developing relationships with the quarries, truck drivers, builders, and homeowners. He enjoys developing solid and trusting relationships with builders that do quality construction and see the value that our work can add to a property. He also gets a lot of joy in creating magical and useful outdoor spaces for homeowners and their families.


Myself, I spend most of my time tracking and maintaining order in the office, helping with estimates, and meeting with builders and homeowners on-site to develop a plan. I really enjoy working with people that are excited about what they are building and are intrigued about what we can contribute to their site. 

It isn't often that you would go by a job site and not see either Cody or myself there. Cody is most commonly on the job building walls. We feel that it is important to our company to maintain a consistent and high quality product for our customers, and by keeping things under our own grips we are able to manage and keep quality standards up. We strive to offer the best and newest variety of stone size and color options. It is extremely important that the customer gets a stone that they like and not settle for a "one size fits all"color, because these walls last for many decades, so you should always get what you really want if possible.


Thanks for taking an interest in who we are and why we are here, we look forward to working with you in the future! 


Cody and Lacey Lambeth 

Cody and Lacey Lambeth
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